What To Buy On The Pistol Round In Valorant

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What To Buy On The Pistol Round In Valorant

What To Buy On The Pistol Round In Valorant?

Meta Description: Do you find yourself often being confused in Pistol Rounds? Check out this article to help guide you on how you should spend your credits on Pistol Round!

Valorant pistol round


The Pistol round is extremely important in Valorant as winning this round can have a snowball effect on your game and win you three more consecutive rounds. Unfortunately, many players underestimate the impact of winning the pistol round and don’t take it seriously.


Winning the pistol round depends highly on what guns or abilities you buy. As you know, you are given 800 credits on the pistol round in Valorant, and learning to spend these limited credits wisely can decide whether you win the round or lose it.


In this article, we will go over each pistol in Valorant and see the pros and cons of buying it on the Pistol Round!

The Classic

The Classic is a great option for using on the pistol round due to its high versatility. It is effective at Long and Medium ranges with its normal Left-click fire. And in shorter-range fights, the Classic can be deadly due to its right-click burst fire. If used correctly, the Classic can overpower even some SMGs and ARs in close range.


the classic

Since you get the Classic for free, you can invest the 800 credits on utility and armor. This is great if you are playing as a Sentinel.

The Shorty

The Shorty is the cheapest option in pistols, costing you only 150 Credits. This mini shotgun is incredibly powerful and can consistently kill enemies at close range. No matter what weapon the opponent is using, if you know how to use the Short effectively, you can easily kill them.


the shorty pistol in valorant pistol round

Unfortunately, that’s where its benefits end. The shorty is effectively useless if the enemy is even slightly at a distance from you. Unless you are playing agents like Jett or Chamber, who can easily disengage from a fight, we don’t recommend that you buy a shorty on Pistol Round.



Frenzy pistol in Valorant pistol round

The Frenzy is the only pistol in Valorant with full auto firing mode. Many CSGO players who switch to Valorant stay away from this gun because they compare it to the CZ75. The truth is that the Frenzy is much more powerful than the CZ.

This gun can be used effectively for running and gunning, especially if you play as a Duelist such as Jett or Raze. This is because Duelists are expected to move fast and create space.



The Ghost is for those players who like to take long-range fights. It gives you the flexibility to move around more freely, and its large magazine size means you don’t have to be more considerate with your shots.

Ghost pistol in valorant pistol round


However, it is recommended that you stand still and take your time to line up each headshot when using the Ghost since you can one-tap any enemies that don’t have armor equipped.



The most powerful and heavy-hitting pistol in Valorant, the Sheriff, is for those who can consistently hit headshots. It allows you to one-tap headshot all enemies on pistol round. But its small magazine size of six bullets means you have to take your time to line up every shot you take.

Sherrif pistol in valorant pistol round

The Sherrif has a high price tag, so if you buy this gun on pistol round, you won’t be able to buy any abilities.

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