Fall Guys Crossplay Progression: How to Sync Your Season Pass

by Jamal21/08/2022 - 06:41

Fall Guys Crossplay Progression: How to Sync Your Season Pass


As Fall Guys is now free to play, there has been a massive surge across the in. Millions of new gamers have joined the lobby across platforms like PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. 

While some experts speculated that this blend of party and battle royale game wouldn’t last long, the addition of 50 million new players two weeks after going free-to-play shows that gamers are not done with Fall Guys just yet. The update also brought crossplay support, and players can tie up their Epic Accounts to sync season pass progress across different platforms. 


Tying Console Profiles to Epic Account

As soon as you launch Fall Guys on a different platform, you’ll be asked to pair up an Epic Games account with the console profile. If you don’t have an account, the game will suggest account credentials and guide you through the account registration process. This Epic account will centralize your game progress, and you must pair up the same Epic Games account on every platform or console that you use. 

Once your main Epic Games account is linked up, your progress will sync through this account. The rewards and season pass levels will transfer to your Epic Games account even when playing on Nintendo Switch or Xbox. You can update the credentials through the official Fall Guys website if you initially linked the wrong account. Moreover, the Fall Guys support team can help you quickly resolve any pairing issues with your Epic Games Account at 


Would You Have to Buy a New Season Pass on Console?

No, when you link the Epic Games account with your console profile, the season pass active status and progress will be synced to your new console (if you’ve already purchased the season pass on the Epic Games account). You can simply grab your Nintendo Switch, pair up the Epic Games Account, and level up your season pass on the go. 

While the season pass doesn’t offer any competitive advantage to the players, new skins can look pretty cool on your character. So, if you like to keep a collection of bean skins, use one Epic Games Account across all platforms. 

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