Apex legends mobile season 3, New legend, new updates and more

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Apex legends mobile season 3, New legend, new updates and more

Season 3 of Apex Legends mobile is here! And it came with some significant changes with the largest update so far. This update includes a new Legend joining Apex, new events, changes to core systems, balancing for Legend and weapons, and more. 

So let's start! 


Apex Legends mobile season 3 release date

While now you can see some changes already happening in the current version of the game, new weapons, and background, however, The official launch of Apex Legends season 3 is set to be on October 18th. 



What's new in Apex Legends mobile season 3? 

There are a lot of changes and new updates that came with Season 3, here we will list some of them 


New Legend coming to Apex Legend Mobile Season 3, Ash 

The New Legend Ash, Picture credit to EA. 


Dr. Ashleigh Reid was raised on the unforgiving frontier, where she learned early on that only she could look out for her future. One day, she was offered a job by the mercenaries who were down and needed some help: stealing an experimental fuel source being researched in the frontier city of Olympus. It was the perfect job for Dr. Reid, who spent years infiltrating, psychologically manipulating, and ultimately destroying the research lab all while keeping it a secret from her merc group. When the lab self-destructed, she died--though not permanently.
Her brain was put in a simulacrum shell, but in the process, she lost years of memories, and the trauma of her "death" caused her personality to fracture. In truth, Ash is just one side of Dr. Reid's personality--the coldly perfectionistic and power-hungry side--that's slowly but surely becoming dominant. But what she doesn't know is that there are other personalities lurking beneath her facade.

What about Ash's abilities? based on the official patch notes:

Passive: ​​Marked For Death

Ash's map shows the location of recent deathboxes and marks surviving attackers.

Tactical: Arc Snare

Throw a spinning snare that damages and tethers the first enemy that gets too close.

Ultimate: Phase Breach

Tear open a one-way portal to a targeted location.


Second Shot Blitz:

Apex announced that Second Shot Blitz mode will be in this new season, the unique thing about this mod, is that if you died and your teammate is still alive, you be respawned back automatically. 


Some maps are now rotating:

World’s Edge and Kings Canyon will now rotate every hour for Normal and Ranked Battle Royale games.


Coliseum has arrived Apex Legends mobile:

Coliseum, Picture credit to EA. 

in this new season, you will be able to challenge the lobby for 1 to 1 fight, the coliseum will be located in Shattered Forest, you can enter it by skydiving or zipline, then when you activate the control panel, the whole lobby will be notified that you are looking for challenges, also to note with each kill the loot will be better there. 


Apex Legends mobile Season 3 Battle Pass 


Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass, Picture credit to EA. 


Apex Legends Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass, Picture credit to EA. 


Ranks Entry Costs in Apex Legends Mobile Season 3

Based on the official notes the Ranked Entry Costs will be:

Rank Entry's cost for apex legends mobile season 3



Weapons Update in Apex Legends Mobile Season 3:


For the Airdrop:
the EVA-8 and Devotion LMG have been removed from airdrop loots, instead, you can find now Prowler and L-STAR

For Fully Kitted Weapons:
in apex legends mobile season 3 you can find Rampage, R-301, VOLT SMG, Sentinel, and RE-45 as fully kitted weapons around the map.

And for the general weapons, based on the official patch notes here are the updates:-

  • Devotion LMG basic damage reduced from 17 to 16. Mag size adjusted to 40/44/48/52.
  • EVA-8 single pellet damage reduced from 7 to 6.
  • L-STAR LMG basic damage increased from 18 to 19. Overheat ammo adjusted to 34, reserve ammo capacity adjusted to 320.
  • Prowler SMG reserve ammo adjusted to 300.
  • RE-45 can now equip the Hammerpoint Rounds Hop up. Damage to non shielded targets increased from 12 to 16.
  • Selectfire hop up removed from Battle Royal ground loot pool. Selectfire has been moved to Airdrop prowler SMG.
  • Equipping a level 4 shield will cause the Sentinel to only need one shield battery to recharge.


Updates on the Legends 



  • Caustic has been buffed, the gas base damage has been increased from 5 to 8.
  • Gas Trap deployment time reduced from 2s to 1s.
  • Gas Traps can now be destroyed after they have been triggered. Traps have 150 health and the gas effect will remain for 2s after the trap is destroyed.


  • Cast animation time reduced from 2s to 1.5s.
  • Cast animation while Bloodhound’s ultimate is active reduced from 1s to 0.75s.
  • Cast animation is reduced from 1.5s to 1.05s on the Ultimate Ability.


  • Cooldown increased from 20s to 25s on the Tactical Ability.



for more information visit the official patch note from EA. 
Video shown in the article is from Apex Legends mobile official account on YouTube. 

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